FDA: Plain Soap and Water Just as Effective as Antibacterial Soap

hand-washingThe FDA recently issued a rule banning many common active ingredients found in antibacterial products, saying there is no proven benefit to their use and they are potentially hazardous. Manufacturers will have one year to comply with the new rule and phase out the ingredients like triclosan and triclocarban.

Most of us use products with these ingredients every day — they’re found in products made by Dial, Clearasil, CVS, and even Bath and Body Works. But just because you have used these products, there is no need to worry. The FDA basically told companies that they had to prove the benefits of these ingredients and were not convinced with what they were presented, hence the ban.

One thing to understand is that the FDA paints with a very broad brush and the fact they do not approve of these ingredients, does not mean that they are or are not harmful. The jury is still out on that one. You can find the new rule here.

So as to avoid getting into the politics of the use of these ingredients or things like antibiotic resistance, let me ask a question. What if there were a product that is so simple and safe, the FDA does not even require the ingredients be listed, would you want to use it? Well there is such a product, however it is very difficult to find sometimes. It’s called soap and I’m guessing you haven’t used it in days, maybe even weeks. That’s not an insult, chances are, what you’re using to clean yourself isn’t soap.

Take a look and see if the word “soap” appears anywhere on your product. Many products are erroneously referred to as soaps when they are technically detergents. A couple of years ago, I would not have known or cared about any of this. But when I started making my own soap, I was amazed at the difference it makes. I’m not one to think that hygiene has to be this one of a kind experience, but I do like to be clean and not have to worry about effects from being clean like dryness or irritation.

So what do you think? Are you concerned about this new rule? Are you constantly changing products looking for just the right one? Have you ever used handmade soap? If you haven’t, I can assure you that you will amazed at the difference it makes and the lack of a need for other products to counteract the undesired effects of your daily routine.

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